Chordaoke 2017 '60's hits vol. 2

I've been doing this stuff for nigh on 15 years. This is without doubt, the best thing I have produced in all that time. It IS a genuine 'breakthrough' way to play along to your favourite songs, with the minimum amount of preparation. If there is anything out there better than this......I'll eat my capo.

Mike Herberts
Guitar Learning Innovator

Wow Mike,This is brilliant. Chord view, words, strum pattern and finger position. If one can't learn to play from this there is no hope.

Steven G*******i
Verified Purchaser

​Thanks Mike. I keep saying I am not going to buy any more Chordaoke sets As I am trying to teach myself ear training , and finger picking, but you keep sending me brilliant songs , that are easy to play. Please stop tempting me ;0) Regards.

Les K******r
Verified Purchaser

Hi Mike, What can I say--------- YOU just keep getting better ????  THANK YOU

Ray Ed******n
Verified Purchaser